Tides and Tubs in Whiteway, NL

I grew up less than 80 kilometers away from the community of Whiteway and, until this winter, I had never visited. Though my adventures have increased in number, It saddens me to realize how much of our own island I have yet to explore. As we become acutely aware of the current circumstances in Newfoundland and Labrador, it is important to remain hopeful to make it through the coming months and years. As a province we are enduring economic hardship and isolation, yet our local economy needs to be supported to the best of our ability.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to experience the beautiful Ocean Delight Cottages. On a cold, rainy, winter day, we packed up the car and headed for a drive around “The Belt” (see photo below). Following this, we found ourselves a night of pure relaxation in Whiteway. The Ocean Delight properties offer a total of eight cottages: four cottages in scenic Whiteway, and four more cottages just five minutes away in Heart’s Delight.

Whiteway Cottages – all named for Newfoundland Berries
Heart’s Delight Cottages – named for Newfoundland Birds

In Whiteway, all four properties are named after Newfoundland Berries (Cranberry, Cloudberry, Blueberry, Partridgeberry) and boast beautiful updates since their acquisition by current owner, Laurelyn, in 2011. The Cranberry Cottage, where we were situated, was built from the ground up and consists of 2 bedrooms and 2 ensuite bathrooms. This A-frame residence features a large master suite with king sized bed and a 2-person soaker tub. The accommodations here were beyond comfortable with upper/lower decks, a complete set of appliances, and WiFi for those wishing to remain “plugged in”. A gorgeous observation deck has also been constructed in the Whiteway location.

The absolute best part of our stay here was the view. I cannot say enough about it. To both go to sleep and wake up with sights of rolling ocean waves was an absolute dream. It was also the first time I ever laid eyes on Shag Rock: a large triple-horned structure, jutting sharply out of the bay. I was advised that this is quite a “claim-to-fame” in the area and it served as yet another reminder of what we can learn by exploring locally. The sunset over the rocks at the end of the day was beyond beautiful.

Many Newfoundland artists have also captured this natural formation in the past:

Drone NL Footage

Glenn Mitchell Photography

When planning a staycation in our province, our minds obviously drift to summer months filled with beaches, barbeques, and bonfires (…well, weather pending). Although Ocean Delight Cottages does host all of these amenities, summer is not the only time that properties such as this should be enjoyed. If planning to support local accommodations in months other than peak season be sure to:

  • Pack snow shoes for winter weather
  • Plan a to watch a movie that has been on your list
  • Bring a favorite board game
  • Read a great book
  • Take local beverages and ingredients for a delicious meal to be enjoyed together (this is what we did!)

Since Ocean Delight offers highly private, self-contained units with full cooking and barbecue capabilities, they are still able to stay open amid social distancing with some modifications to their operations. They are currently having guests by-pass check in and check-out, taking payments online only, and are following heightened cleaning regimes as required by the hospitality industry. The Cranberry and Cloudberry cottages have remained open all winter, and will continue to be, for residents of our province to enjoy. Currently, Ocean Delight Cottages offers add-on packages for romantic getaways including flowers, wine, and chocolates to be enjoyed on special occasions. In addition, they currently have multi-night specials available to make booking a little easier on the budget. If you do decide to visit, other businesses to check out in the area (some of which are seasonal) include:

Some of us currently have more time on our hands than usual. It serves as a perfect reason to plan a future getaway to enjoy. Do your research, make a list of activities, and choose a community that you have never been to. As mentioned above, many businesses are remaining open in some capacity. Moving forward, I certainly hope we never take the little things for granted. Appreciate what you have, hug your people a little tighter, and always support others where you can (in local and in life).

~ Jill

Ocean Delight Cottages

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