That’s a Good Bingo.

SnowMageddon 2020 was a declared state of emergency where many Newfoundlanders were confined to the walls of their homes and national/international headlines were made. Many of us could not wait to get out like the social beings that we are (special shoutout to essential workers and first responders who did not have the privilege of staying home through it all). During this record-breaking storm, local businesses were shut down for an extended period. In an effort to get people out and supporting local, the lovely folks at Atlantic Business Magazine created a SnowMageddon 2020 Bingo game post-storm. Now, if there’s anything that I enjoy more than supporting a small business, it is a good game of B-I-N-G-O. One-straight-any-way, postage stamp, and the elusive jackpot are phrases near and dear to my heart. So, there was obviously no doubt that I had to play the card below: 

Mug up at a local café: My friend and I had a lovely brunch at the Grounds Café. The breakfast sandwich game is extremely strong there. They also have one of the best cups on the Avalon (as does Toslow where I also visited for some coffee and a delicious donut). 

Grab a little gift: My favorite thank-you gifts to give as of late are Newfoundland Chocolate Company chocolate bars tied with ribbon or twine on a card. I stocked up on these for a few events in 2020 (including a couple of special ones for Valentine’s Day!)

Have a night day out: I can’t really remember the last time I had a late night out as I honestly enjoy being wrapped up in my robe quite early. Having said that, I did have a wonderful day out last week at the St. John’s Farmers’ Market which featured purchases from Fatima’s Indian food, Condiments by Steve Curtis, Bloom’n Greens, and The Blue Box Pantry.

The Blue Box Pantry offers prepackaged dry ingredients for homemade meals. These sleeves include all the seasonings, spices, and bases for a variety of delicious recipes. Just add a few remaining ingredients as necessary! This is an awesome way to meal prep and support local.

Buy something that smells divine: the first item I have to recognize here is the Trinity coffee that my boyfriend and I drank every morning during the SOE. There is nothing better than the smell of those beans while someone else brews it for you. I usually purchase this at The Grounds Café or Belbin’s Grocery. Some other fantastic smelling purchases were an East Coast Glow Bath Bomb, as well as TVAL cotton candy sugar scrub and strawberry rhubarb bubble bath. 

Treat yourself: Though I haven’t completed this one yet, I have booked the Decadent Chocolate Body Delight at Ocean Quest Spa. I will certainly update once completed, but given the name….it cannot be bad, right!? 

Try a new drink: A beautiful evening was had at Landwash Brewery featuring the Deer Lake Power Sour (Crooked Feeder Brewing) and That Much Ocean New England IPA (Landwash Brewery). Both selections did not disappoint. 

Eat out: I have to say that the Street Fries at Bannerman take the cake post-SnowMageddon. If you’re looking for a more formal dinner, then definitely go grab the steak at Basho. My friends and I went there recently and it was a lovely set-up for a girls night out. 

Explore downtown/Leave a bigger tip: Well this was a given with everything mentioned above. While exploring earlier this week, I stopped for a Caesar at Terre. Thank-you to their friendly staff who let us in prior to opening for one of our favorite beverages. As for tips, I just generally tried to be extra kind with the machine 🙂 – – that’s a good bingo!

Congratulations to all locals who made it through this little piece of history. We not only persevered, but made light of an awful situation. My fingers are crossed with a lot more winter left to go. Be sure to stay warm and support local….Cheers!

~ Jill

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