Tourin’ in Burin.

Summer has officially ended and it has been a crazy season in the best of ways. I had hoped to release this post while the temperature was at a peak and summer vacation was still in full swing, but …life happens. Having said that, it is never too early to plan for next summer, nor is it ever a bad idea to look into a staycation for the cooler autumn months!

From June to August of this year, I had the opportunity to spend the summer on rotation in the wonderful community of Burin, Newfoundland. As always, I did not get to explore every nook, but I was sure to make an effort to travel around the entire loop that is the Burin Peninsula. The whole area is charming and filled with so many great sights/activities to support local.

An eight week placement calls for eight(+) wonderful adventures:

Frenchman’s Cove

if camping, swimming, and wildlife observation are activities that you enjoy, then Frenchman’s Cove Provincial Park is a must-visit. It provides a great home base while exploring the rest of the Heritage Run. Furthermore, Grande Meadows Golf Course provides nine holes for the enjoyment of visitors.


There were a few rainy days while I stayed on the peninsula, but I did make the most of it. A personal favorite of mine is the Provincial Seaman’s Museum in Grand Bank. This is a beautiful building run by The Rooms which boasts various connections to the land and sea in our province. Some other places to browse include the Miners’ Memorial Museum in St. Lawrence and various Heritage Houses around the loop.  


Cook’s Lookout (feature image above) was one of the more strenuous trails that I ventured in the area and ends with a lovely view of the town. The Marine Hike in Grand Bank provides stunning coastline views, and Landing Place Pond/Salt Pond trails are routes that I completed frequently.  On the day I visited Chamber’s Cove in St. Lawrence, the fog was as thick as pea soup so I can only imagine its beauty in the sunshine. Nonetheless, one must visit in order to appreciate the history of the area including the Truxtun & Pollux disaster.


At some point in your travels, you must try a traditional breakfast from The Pantry in Lord’s Cove. If you have a passion for French fries like myself, the chicken finger poutine from Pauline’s Place or Fries dressing and gravy from By D’Rock Café are the perfect cheat treat. A midday meal may also be enjoyed at The Vintage Tea Cup Café or the Tea Rose, while another lovely dining experience is found at The Thorndyke in Grand Bank.


Sharon’s nook – full stop. Here, you’ll find an amazing selection of cheesecakes that are the best I have had in this province. A slice from here is worth the drive down the Burin Peninsula on its own.

Orange Chocolate Cheesecake


If you want a beach getaway without leaving the province, then I suggest checking out Golden Sands and Sandy Cove. Swimming, kayaking, and camping allow an enjoyable staycation for the whole family.


Smuggler’s CoveSmuggler’s Cove Roadhouse is a Bar-and-Grill that replicates the old-west in terms of outdoor décor. The history behind this project is quite fascinating and I must admit that the name and theme led me down a research rabbit hole (see article here). It is an incredibly fun space with lots of weekly deals and they often host special events throughout the year.

Photo taken from Smuggler’s Cove Roadhouse Patio-Bar-and-Grill Facebook Page.

Visit France

Unfortunately, I did not make the trip this summer, but I have in the past. The boarding point is located in Fortune, NL where you can take a ferry and travel to St. Pierre et Miquelon, a small French island located just off of our shores. To book your crossing, visit, or visit the ferry office in Fortune.  

Thank you

If you’re reading this from the community, thank you so much for having me and for every kind gesture that came my way (such as neighbours knocking on my door with fresh bread)! The people both inside and outside of the hospital were beyond welcoming and contributed to a most memorable visit. See you soon!

~ Jill

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