‘Ome Sweet ‘Ome

Glamping: outdoor camping with amenities and comforts (such as beds, electricity, or access to indoor plumbing) not usually used for this activity.

Currently, upscale pods/tents are appearing all over the province in towns such as Terra Nova and Bonavista. They are truly a perfect compromise for someone who wants to wake up in the great outdoors, but not on the ground. In 2007, actor and comedian Shaun Majumder bought land in his hometown of Burlington, NL with hopes of transforming tourism in the area. The initial stages of this journey have been documented through the W network show, Majumder Manor. From there, ideas shifted and with this came a popular niche in eco-tourism. ‘Ome is now a glamping paradise and a not-for-profit social enterprise with all money going back into aspects of the project and the town.

At ‘Ome there are two offerings available: the beautifully unique tents amongst the trees, and the luxurious pod that is nestled in a rocky coastline. I have had the opportunity to spend the night in both, and either provides the perfect option for a staycation. The architecture of these structures is simple in theory, but also completely amazing. It was an absolute pleasure to meet some of the community members who worked to make these accommodations a reality.  

My most recent visit was extremely special because, by a complete coincidence, my sister and her fiancée had booked for the same weekend! We each had no idea that the other was going until shortly before, and picked the exact same time to end up in Burlington. It definitely made the stay even more memorable, with extra touches from my sister including the most perfect crewneck from Saltwater Designs.


Burlington is approximately six hours from St. John’s and just under two hours from Deer Lake. The drive may be long depending where you are coming from, but it is undoubtedly worth the trip. Tucked on the side of a road, the once childhood home of Shaun Majumder is now the main office. Inside, you will find some of the most wonderful people that the province has to offer. The staff are ready to commit your name to memory and take care of all needs throughout your stay. Maps will be provided of sites as well as information on food, special events, and amenities offered in the area.


I love the water. After spending so much time in different places, I have come to realize that any stay is always amplified when it is near the ocean. The glamping tents at ‘Ome provide you with the luxurious comfort of falling asleep in a duvet, yet waking up in the trees and with rolling waves at your doorstep. The touches of homemade quilts, knit pillows, coffee, and fresh wildflowers make you appreciate the extreme effort by staff and community members to ensure visitors enjoy their stay to the fullest. The beds provide a proper means to “heave off” for a nap at any time of the day, with handy screens to block mosquitos and a perfect fire pit for a pan of nachos.  

If you are more of a high-maintenance glamper, then the pod is a fabulous option. A beautifully constructed deck provides spectacular views for miles of coastline. There are much added amenities such as an operational kitchen, meaning that you can enjoy the comfort of a beautiful meal and bottle of wine while listening to the crackling wood stove. Perhaps most importantly, there is a full private bathroom and an amazing bed that rivals anything found within a hotel.

V. Important Note: They love furry friends joining their guests!

My name is Charly and I love it when Aunt Jeel is at ‘Ome with me on the same weekend by coincidence!


Simply taking a walk/drive around Burlington, Smith’s Harbour and Middle Arm may be the place to start. There are also proper hiking trails and coves that can be outlined for you throughout your stay. Situated just minutes from the accommodations you can find Gayla’s Luxurious Bath Boutique as well as an antique display created by her partner adjacent to their home. Feeling hungry? I highly recommend the homemade breakfast sandwiches at the Newfie Grab-n-Go as well as the homemade ice cream sandwiches from the Corner Café. Though unfortunately not opened during my recent visit, ‘Ome is now operating a food truck of their own as yet another option for guests to enjoy.

While there, you should definitely check out Bergy Bit Boat Tours. This was by far one of the most fabulous experiences I’ve had on the island to date. Shaun was the ultimate tour guide, providing us with exceptional views of icebergs while speaking so passionately about his hometown and other special projects such as The Gathering. During our stay, there was also an option for guests to come together at the beach for a fire and boil up of fresh lobster with all the fixings. Here, we met two lawyers from Ontario who once saw pictures of the tents, and knew that they had to come visit. In true Newfoundland fashion, we ended the night around the campfire cooking moose sausages and having a yarn with our new buddies.

As always, the worst part about going ‘Ome is leaving. In the morning, be sure to enjoy one last coffee and view of the ocean, then promptly head to Air BnB to reserve your next stay.  

Check it out – It’s Some Shockin’ Good.

~ Jill

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