To Trinity and Beyond

If Walt Disney created a fairytale about Newfoundland, I am confident that Trinity would be the setting. Though I did not find my Prince Charming there, a recent getaway was nothing short of magical.

Trinity first became established as a fishing port with a significant merchant trade industry. Interestingly, the town was the site of much medical research including the introduction of the smallpox vaccine in 1798 by John Clinch (how cool is that!?). In the decades that follow this amazing history, Trinity has become filled with seasonal and permanent residences, as well as local businesses and magnificent scenery. Though the once popular Trinity Loop Amusement Park is no longer in operation, the town remains a thriving destination for visitors and locals alike.

Photo Taken from Sea Stack Retreat AirBnB Site

So, how is it that you plan the ideal trip to a perfect location? It all starts with the accommodations. Situated centrally in the heart of trinity, Sea Stack Retreat is a beautiful historic home that has recently become available to book on AirBnB. Built in 1880, and restored in 2012, it perfectly recaptures the historic charm with the comforts of a modern day home. The hosts are two of the most genuine and accommodating people you could ever meet, making sure that guests have everything that they need in terms of amenities as well as information about the town and surrounding communities.

The location of Sea Stack Retreat is perfect for exploring Trinity. You can walk out of the front door and all around town by foot as it is in close proximity to major attractions such as shops, restaurants, and the theatre. The house itself is essentially a museum, filled with antiques from World War II and the like. The renovations completed by the couple are absolutely amazing and take you back in time, yet leave you with the utmost comfort throughout your stay.

The housing in Trinity certainly differs from the iconic Jelly Bean Row, but the infrastructure and colours are equally as stunning. The churches are beautiful, food is delicious, and the people you’ll meet along the way are second-to-none. Some of my favorite places to visit in town include Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate Shop and Sweet Rock Ice Cream. The story behind these businesses is quite remarkable. The owners relocated to Trinity from corporate careers in downtown Toronto after visiting the province for a friend’s wedding!

Unfortunately, not all businesses were open throughout our stay, so we drove a short distance (10 minutes) to Port Rexton  in order to grab a delicious cup of coffee and a little treat at Two Whales Coffee Shop. By a “little” treat I actually mean a massive sea salt brownie. But you know what? It doesn’t matter because the next thing I recommend doing is hiking the Skerwink trail. This trail is one of my favorites in the province. The sea stacks are a sight to behold and you can certainly work up a sweat. This makes you feel better about the fries, dressing, and gravy that you will likely eat at the Dock Marina Restaurant later.

Thirsty after the hike? Obviously you’ll head over to Port Rexton Brewery in order to settle into the tap room and sip on a few pints. The atmosphere inside is super chill and it is a great place to have a few day drinks, with the option to return in the evening and make a night of it. With Oh My Cheeses operating right alongside, you cannot go wrong!

Once you return to Trinity, you may decide to take in a show at Rising Tide Theatre, visit a museum exhibit, browse the shops, book a Trinity Ecotour, see St. Paul’s Anglican church, or walk through the abandoned Trinity Loop Amusement Park. Having said that, it would be just as enjoyable to leave these activities for another day, and instead return to Sea Stack Retreat. Here, you can cozy up with a beverage of choice, a good book, and a thick quilt.

As much fun as it is to constantly explore, it is important to remember that a weekend getaway should involve a balance of exploration and relaxation. Choosing accommodations in Trinity allows you to do just that. There are more than enough activities in the area to plan a weekend adventure, but the quaint and quiet nature of the beautiful town is an attraction in itself. During my stay, I met some wonderful people from all corners of the world who have decided to settle for at least part of the year in this area. With so many other fabulous communities on the Bonavista Peninsula, I asked a few people why they chose to stay in Trinity in particular. The common answer: there’s no other town like it. Other communities can be paralleled with many destinations across the province and even country. Nowhere else has what Trinity has in terms of camaraderie, character, and complete tranquility – It’s Some Shockin’ Good.

Photo taken from Sea Stack Retreat Instagram (Follow: @sea_stack_retreat)

Who needs a prince charming, anyway?

~ Jill

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