Bangbelly Café – Fogo Island, NL


I have taken the trip to Fogo Island a couple of times. During the first, I attended a fantastic event at the Fogo Island Inn. The Inn is amazing,  and  perhaps equally as notable are the other fabulous establishments popping up around town as a result of the booming tourism industry. During a subsequent trip to the island, I had a more low-key visit checking out other businesses in the area.

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Most recently, I visited the coziest joint called Bangbelly. Well, if I’m being honest, I visited multiple times in one day. Co-owned by Ian Sheridan and Caitlyn Terry , this unique café strives to deliver not only delicious food and beverage, but also sustainable practices and social initiatives for the community as a whole.  From food drives to special events, this company is doing business right in every aspect of their operations. Wing Night Wednesdays, Film Fridays, Take-Out Saturdays and Cold Plate Sundays are just a few things that they have been offering throughout the winter season.

Photos taken from Bangbelly’s Facebook Page

The best way I can describe the space is that it is similar in nature to Rocket Bakery in downtown St. John’s, but instead situated in rural Newfoundland. Put something around the bay and it is immediately better in my eyes. Instead of looking out the window to a busy street, you can literally look at clothes blowing in the wind on a line. Décor is simple yet beautiful, featuring homemade cushions and communal book shelves along with an eclectic mixture of mugs, cutlery and fabric napkins for patrons to avail of. Furthermore, Nick Hann (a Placentia native), is behind the counter, and I could not have asked for a more genuine soul to take care of us.



The café has a great selection of drinks and their coffee is top-notch. We had a mixture of both hot and cold beverages that were equally as pleasing. For a midday scoff, savoury cheddar scones paired with butter and sea salt were brought to the table. These were amazing and I would have made the trip for this plate of carbs alone.

On Saturdays, Bangbelly serves up delicious takeaway meals, so we also decided to return in the evening for the roast chicken dinner. This feel-good meal was absolutely delicious and I honestly wish I could avail of their services every weekend. One tray could easily be divided into multiple servings. The Saturday selection changes from week to week, with sushi and Indian food being two of their big sellers. Imagine… sushi in rural Newfoundland. I never thought I would see the day, but am beyond happy to witness the broadening horizons.


If you’re looking to relax and grab a delicious bite, then this is the perfect space. As I headed back on the ferry the following morning, I noted that their little sister operation, Bannikin Canteen, is officially open for service with coffee and homemade treats. What’s one more scone, anyway!? (I legitimately did have another one.)

All in all, Fogo Island makes for a wonderful weekend trip. A fabulous café is simply a perfect accompaniment to the already wonderful people and beautiful landscape.


Check it out – It’s Some Shockin’ Good.


Facebook: Bangbelly

Instagram: @bangbellycafe

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